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Parent’s Night Out at Young’s Gym is on various Friday evenings from 6-10pm. We do NOT have them every Friday so make sure you visit this page to see the actual dates! Your child or children will have a blast at our facility jumping, flipping, climbing, and sliding while you get a chance to get a few hours of time to yourself! (Dinner without the kids sounds great!)

We require everyone to register online for Parent’s Night Out through our event calendar! With the inflatables being used now, it is imperative to make sure we properly staff for the number of children that will be attending.

We now will be showing a movie on the wall of the gym starting at approximately 8:30pm! The kids will be able to play on all the inflatables and run wild in the gym for the first 2 1/2 hours and then wind down a little during the movie!

Online registration is now mandatory!

If we do have any walk-ins that have not registered online they will be required to register online at the gym upon arrival!

Once electronically submitted, registrations will be charged the Parent’s Night Out admission fee at that time! This process has proven to save considerable time at the check in process as now the staff simply checks each registered student in without any delay since the payment process has been completed before the time of arrival.


Online Registration Is REQUIRED! If not filled out prior to arrival, you will have to fill it out electronically on our laptop at the gym!

$25 Flat Fee/Child with a $5 sibling discount with online registration

(No Pizza or Water Given To Late Arrivals!!-Orders Will Have Already Been Placed!)

**Please Note** Our Fee is NOT based on an hourly rate!!! It is a FLAT rate charge!

There are NO discounts for late arrivals!

2 of our 5 inflatables!


We have provided the schedule below to give you a general guideline of the routine we follow at our Parent’s Night Out.


6:00-6:15pm Registration & Check In (Kids have free play in the gym during this time)
6:15-6:20pm Sit down ALL kids in group to go over Rules & Guidelines
6:20-7:00pm Free play in the gym
7:00-7:15pm Group 1 goes to dinner (Group 2 stays in the gym for free play)
7:15-7:30pm Group 2 goes to dinner (Group 1 goes back in the gym for free play)
7:30-8:15pm Free play in the gym
8:15pm Movie starts (Movie start time adjusted earlier or later to have a 9:45pm end time)
9:45pm End of movie – Check out & Clean up process begins
10:00pm Parent’s Night Out ends & ALL kids should have been picked up!


Two slices of cheese pizza and a bottle of water is included in the price of admission to Parent’s Night Out. Also, feel free to bring in outside food and drinks to provide an additional snack for your child if you would like. We have a snack room where they can take a break from playing and enjoy a refreshment. We do have a drink and snack machine if you would like to leave them with a couple of dollars, but you are welcome to bring something from home if you would like!

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, September 21, 2018

We hope you will consider dropping your kids off with us for one of our Parent’s Night Out Dates and maybe you can have a Date Night yourself!

Click on the link below to register for Parent’s Night Out!

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