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Three…Just Me!

Designed specifically for the three year old that is ready to be in class by him or herself, Three…Just Me! will be tailored to the needs of a 3 year old. In the past, our Tiny Tots class included ages from 3 1/2 to 4 years old and we would allow children just turned 3 to enroll in the class as well if he or she was over the separation anxiety from Mom or Dad. The problem this age grouping sometimes created was when a newly turned 3 year old ended up in a class with several older 4 year olds. That age disparity created a challenging dynamic for the instructor quite often. That’s what led to the creation of the Three…Just Me! class.ROLL1

Three…Just Me! class will focus on skills on all gymnastic apparatus including the floor, bars, balance beams, trampoline, and vault. The children will be taught the basic body positions for gymnastics and learn gymnastics terminology. Also as you might could imagine with a class full of 3 year olds, aspects of social integration will also be taught just as they are in a preschool setting:

  • Remaining seated in a chair until called upon
  • Listening to the instructor
  • Not talking while the instructor is talking
  • Remaining with the class at all times and not wandering off
  • Asking permission to leave for the bathroom or water fountain with manners
  • Staying in a specific location such as a square on the floor or shape on the trampoline
  • Keeping our hands to ourselves
  • Learning & Understanding that there are consequences for our actions, some good-some bad!
  • Learning & Practicing numbers & shapes

Most importantly, we understand that the service you are paying for is gymnastics instruction! We will do our utmost best to provide that service in our clean, well organized facility in a professional manner.


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